2860 Grams Of Art
Artists’ magazine 2007

2860 grams of art presents 28 artworks by 21 artists

 Editorial design and art direction : Pierre Denan
Published by M19 editions www.19.fr
Distributed by lespressesdureel.com

With Pierre Ardouvin, John Armleder, Olivier Babin, Francis Baudevin, Nicolas Chardon, Claude Closky, Liz Cohen, Pierre Denan, Véronique Joumard, Vincent Lamouroux, Lang/Baumann, Guillaume Leingre, Stéphane Magnin, Mathieu Mercier, Laurent Montaron, Bruno Peinado, Daniel Pflumm, Hugues Reip, Yann Sérandour, Veit Stratmann, Yo Zolnir.

A creation magazine published by M19, Grams of art presents in large size original artworks by international artists, following one after another, without editorial information printed over the actual work. Titles and credits are given at the end of the magazine.

Published in 2007
, 24 x 32 cm, 
480 pages

John Armleder, Lubaantun, 2002-2007, 10 times

Francis Baudevin, Marianne, 2007, 10 pages

Hugues Reip, Cailloux (pebbles), 2007, 18 pages

Pierre Denan, Ping-Pong, 2007, 18 pages

Olivier Babin, Side effects, 2007, 16 pages

Pierre Ardouvin, Éclairs (Lightening), 2007,10 pages

Yo Zolnir, Laguna Bay, 2007, 30 pages

Véronique Joumard, October-November 2006, domestic lights and public lights, 20 pages

Laurent Montaron, Todtnauberg, 2006, 10 pages

Claude Closky, Black and white, 2006, 20 pages

Lang/Baumann, Flip book, 2006, 40 pages

Nicolas Chardon, 12 Black Squares (abstract), 2007, 12 pages

Stéphane Magnin, Brain-débris-contribution, 2006, 18 pages

Yann Serandour, 60 grams of art, 2006, 12 pages

Daniel Pflumm, Untitled, 2007, 12 pages

Pierre Denan, Untitled gold, 2007, 16 pages

Guillaume Leingre, 200 circles, scale 1/4, 16, 2007, 12 pages

Pierre Denan, Reynolds, 2007, 20 times

Mathieu Mercier, Untitled (flowers of Père-Lachaise), Paris 2003-2006, 24 pages

Pierre Denan, Weft ink on paper, 2007, 10 pages 

Bruno Peinado, Now that this has been done it will never have to be done again, 2007, 20 pages

Vincent Lamouroux, Unfolded, 2007, 6 pages